Jello Poke Cake

This is delicious and a great summertime dessert because you use Cool Whip for the icing and it's refrigerated. This is really easy to do and a fun idea. You can even change the cake mix and jello for different times of the year or holidays.

1 pkg white cake mix (eggs, oil, etc)
2 pkg strawberry jello (4.5 serving size each)
2 c boiling water
1 tub Cool Whip Lite

Make cake mix according to package directions. Pour evenly into two 9" round cake pans. Bake according to the cake package. After cake layers have cooled completely, put them back in clean 9" cake pans. Poke holes with a large fork at half inch intervals all over each layer. Mix 2 pkg jello with 2 c boiling water. Stir at least 3 minutes. Using a ladle or something like that, carefully pour jello evenly over each cake layer. Refrigerate 3 hours.

Carefully unmold 1 cake layer by dipping the bottom of the pan in warm water for 15 seconds. Unmold onto plate, and spread with about 1 cup of Cool Whip. Unmold other cake layer the same way, and stack it on top of the iced layer. Frost the top and side of the cake with remaining Cool Whip. Refrigerate at least 1 hour, and store in fridge.

If you have Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate squares, you can melt the chocolate, put it in a ziploc bag and cut a tiny hole on the corner. Make designs or whatever you want on wax paper. Put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes to set the chocolate, and carefully peel for cake decorations. I made the word "Mom" and did some swirl things and a heart. :)

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