Taco "Cupcakes"

UPDATE 7/17/2013: At the suggestion of my friend Sarah, I baked the bottom wontons for a few minutes before assembling the cupcakes for added crispiness. It made a huge difference! I posted a picture from tonight below - you can tell a difference even in the picture I think. I changed the directions in the recipe as well. Thanks Sarah!

No doubt if you're on Pinterest you've seen these floating around for a while now. I tried the mini lasagna cups back in March and loved them. I just don't see how anyone wouldn't like these. Fun to make too!

 7/17/13 - Baked bottom wontons prior to assembling! Crispy!

1 lb lean ground beef (or chicken, turkey, whatevs)
1 packet taco seasoning
1 can black beans, drained/rinsed
24 wonton wrappers (Kroger has these in the organic refrigerated section, next to the tofu)
1/2 c queso dip
1 c chunky salsa
2 c shredded Mexican cheese, red-fat
green onions, chopped
guacamole/sour cream for serving

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray 12 muffin cups and set aside. Brown ground beef in pan, add taco seasoning & black beans. Let cook for a couple minutes and remove from heat.

Push 1 wonton wrapper into the bottom of each muffin cup. Bake these wontons for 3-5 minutes in the oven. This will help them get crispy. Next, spoon a little queso onto the wonton and spread it on the bottom. Follow by spooning a little bit of beef/bean mixture on top. Remember, you're going to be doing two layers here, so only use a little. Spoon a little salsa on top of that, and then sprinkle just a little cheese. Now do it again! Press another wonton wrapper on top of each one and repeat the steps on each cupcake - queso, meat/beans, salsa, cheese. Bake about 20 min until golden brown and sprinkle with green onions! Let cool 5 min in the pan before removing taco cups, and top with whatever taco toppings you want.

The link to the original recipe (below) has great step-by-step pictures!

Original recipe found here.


  1. I expected my cups to be crunchier than they ended up being. Everything tasted good, and everyone got seconds, but I just wondered if I should have cooked them a bit longer. I have an older oven, and sometimes the cook temperature is a bit off. Thanks for sharing, though. I will definitely make these again!

  2. The part of the wonton that is actually in the muffin cup stays kind of soft - but the top part and corners should get crunchy. I let mine cook until the top edges were brown. Glad you liked it!

  3. I think I'll cook the bottom wontons for a few minutes before filling them. I think the cheese dip mixture keeps it soft. I can't wait to make another batch! Thanks, and I love your blog!

  4. That is an AWESOME idea! Thanks!